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Slip slidin away

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With all the aftermarket out there is it possible for someone to come up with a plug and play unit that could be piggy backed to the computer on these 900s that would tell it there is slippage and lock the front end in with a dash mounted switch? Love the machine, but I long for the drive options on my Grizzly. It would sure seem to make it more sure footed on slick surfaces like snow and ice.
To the guys with tracks do you really have traction with the front or are they coasting along till the rears spin also.
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Actually that is exactly how it works now, just leave the switch on. The power just lets it go into 4wd not put it in. As soon as the input shaft turns faster than tires it grabs, as soon as it they equalize it goes back out.

Example: 4wd switch on, driving down a dirt road, come to a mud hole, tires start to spin, the 4wd engages, come out of the hole and get traction again goes back to 2wd

I would love the function to lock it in 4wd but not possible with this diff

As for the tracks, same thing front won't pull until rears spin

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