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Slipping belt. How to fix???

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I have been a member on here for qiute a while and usually can find what I'am looking for.Not this time so here we go and thanks in advance.
I recently put a cam and sp ecu in a 05 xp.
Ran great for a couple days and now I think my belt is slipping.
When I run from a dead stop to a top end run it starts hitting the rev limiter about 30 -35 mph.I have back out of the throttle and let it slow accelerate to the full shift out of the clutch.I changed my belt because my old one was shot.Put the new belt on did the exact same thing.Any help on how to cure this without spending a fortune would be great.Thanks Jim
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White spring ?
Forgot to mention the clutch was aligned and the motor mounts are good.Does the white spring go in the primary or the secondary.I thought it went in the primary so I don't think that would help but I don't know that for sure.
Call Dale at Bikeman performance, I think you need more weight in the primary.
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