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My 2019 Crew XP 1000 Back Country Edition has been on my lift for two months, I am so slow at getting work done, just no time. But finally able to drive it with the 34" tires and portals and our HW belt on it.

I had my stock clutch fixed with the service bulletin, I aligned it myself and then installed the HW belt for it which is thicker than stock.

All I can say it is crazy smooth, engagement is just above idle, no jerking, drove it between 0-1 mph in low smooth as silk.

Of course my concern is how long will this new bearing last, but for now I can't image it any better than it is with anything.
I did put the lock out shim from Gilomen in it as a preventive measurement on the EBS mechanism from getting hung up in the out position.

here is a pic of the machine as is, yes clutch cover still off. They stay off my machines until I need them


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