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There are pics and videos out on the web and YouTube, but nothing specific yet for the 2015 crew. I have 2015 900 Crew and I'm constantly making upgrades on it. I've been doing research on snorkeling techniques because I've been wanting to snorkel mine. I don't want to go insanely deep like some videos you can find out there. I just want to snorkel mine for precautionary measures like with what happened yesterday.. Went through a mud/water hole, moving slowly through it and watching to make sure the water did not go up to my air intakes when all of a sudden the whole driver's side dropped into a deep rut. We thought we were about to roll on our side. Luckily I have a 5000lb Venom Winch on my Crew, so we were able to easily get out of the hole. My intake took on a ton of water! Now before I go riding again, I have to do a full service and clean up on it to make sure I don't have any remaining water or trash anywhere in my intake system or motor. And, I WILL be snorkeling my Crew here very very soon (especially before I go through any more water holes!), so that I will not have to worry about such an issue happening ever again! When I do the snorkel job, I plan to make a video of the job and I will have it posted for others to see that may need tips for doing their own snorkel job.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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