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So this is what Rangers are for?

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In short, yes. Took the new Browning out for a "break in". One bent control arm, shredded stock tires and about 250 miles later, I have a good list of things to upgrade for the next trip. It really is amazing the abuse these machines will take, under loads. :encouragement:
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Looks like a great hunt!
Thanks for sharing the pics, looks like you put that ranger to good use !!!
Curious what's on your upgrade list?
Curious what's on your upgrade list?
27" Roctanes, more light in the rear, isolated auxiliary battery (that stuff is already in the garage, ready to go), UHMW skids, mud block off, canvas doors and heater for the late hunts in the snow! The AZ rock (they call them roads) is just brutal on stock tires, especially under load.
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Wow great pics thanks for sharing it. Looks like your having so much fun in hunting :encouragement:
Looks like you had a great hunt.
Those are some nice bulls. Enjoyed the pic's!:cool:

Yeap, rocks are hard on the OEM tires. I think you'll like the Roctanes. Mine are doing great and wearing well here in Rocky Top.
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