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Soft top trailering fix????????

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I know I should have taken pictures while I was installing and I tried but the batteries were dead (as usual) and I did not want to wait so...............
Anyway......I was worried about as most of us are about trailering with the soft top on and came up with this. On the front of my soft top, the two front straps that secure it to the cab run through a sewn in slot(sleeve) all the way across the front of the top. this slot is about 1 1/2" wide and the strap goes through it. I went to Home depot and baught a piece of aluminum flat bar 1"x48"x3/16". I drilled a hole in the center and one at each end about 4" from the ends. I slid it in one end of the slot and pushed it through. Now you have the flat bar in the sleeve across the top of the windshield. I then pulled it down towards the glass so as to be even with the corners were it is secured and took an awl and heated it to push it throught the fabric and holes in the flat bar. I then marked the windshield frame through the holes and drilled the 3 holes. Then just put stainless bolts through the fabric, flat bar and windshield frame. After the 3 bolts are tightened down the front edge of the soft top is secure all the way across (no wind can get under and rip it up). I hope this is not too confusing and I'll try an post pictures of the finished project.

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Looks great.
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