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Some little add -ons

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I just wanted to show a couple of little things that my wife and I have done to the ranger "walker" in the last week. Nothing special just adding our personal touch.

Today we painted the green bed black and added diamond plate accents were the ranger xp sticker used to be.

I added new running lights and a set of led motion lights like on knight rider. They are controlled by two nascar style carbon fiber toggle switches

Next is my homeade windsheild. I think it turned out pretty good.

I Made a set of leg minders so nobody gets a broken foot. Mainly me I am a big cluts.

I also put a new grant steering wheel and shifter knob on. I think they added about 10 hp.

Next is a paint job. Hopefully by the end of the month the ranger will be mustang and corvette red.

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Looks like you've been busy! What type of extra headlights do you have on the front (the ones in your signature)?
I wondered about that green ranger and all them other red play toys..
5HP with new shifter knob, wow I got to get one.
New red corvette paint should give you about 20hp more.[:D]
Where did you get the toggle switches?
Nice job... where did you get the leg minders from.

Nice work! Very professional looking mods.
Hey quys. I got the toggle switches from auto-zone $6.99 each. I made the leg minders myself. Thanks for all of the feedback. I will post pics when he is red.
Looking good ;-)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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