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Hello Will24:

I have a 2019 Ranger 1000 XP Premium w/Roof & 1/2 Windshield. Dust is about normal, it does flow in from the back, but not too bad, but yes, it will dust the interior.

Heat is zero issue, they did a good job of insulating the rear seat area from the engine as well as fan blowback thru the dash. I have been pleased with the lack of heat and much quieter engine.

SxS I owned in the past were Polaris 400 Midsize, Kaw Mule ProFXT, Polaris 570 Full Size.

One you might look at is the Kaw Mule ProFXT, which converts from 3 pax to 6 pax, basically giving one a crew cab without the long length of normal 6 pax machines. The price is better than the 1000XP-Polaris is starting to get proud on their prices, especially when they only offer 1 year warranty vs. ProFxt 3 years. The Pro-FXT is quiet, smooth, however it is heavy, only has "3 wheel drive (i.e. front is slip differential)" and the one I owned had terrible heat blow back from the dash when the fan kicked on. It is lower to the ground and just struggled to offroad compared to all my earlier Ranger's-I have a spot that comes out of the river, pretty good incline and muddy. The Pro-FXT struggled to make it up that spot, the R400MS was a breeze, the R570FS easy and the XP1000 struggles a little (which I think is due to its weight).

I ran a secondary muffler on the R400MS and R570FS which helped quiet them down somewhat (R400MS was loud & hot, one sits over the engine), but on the XP1000, I tried a secondary muffler and it maybe lowered the sound 1-2 DB, so basically the XP1000 is much improved in quietness (not like the Prowler Pro though) compared to my previous Rangers.

I looked a buying a CAM-AM HD8 & HD10. Nice features, but when I drove them they were loud and also the mechanic told me to run it in Low gear below 25mph as they have seen problems with the belts-this was a non-starter for me. I also looked a ProwlerPro, extremely quiet but fit & finish is not impressive, suicide doors had the catch that will rack you knee cap plus it has a weird column shifter and it not AWD. Additionally, the OEM is going down hill fast.

We just got back from Colorado trail riding the XP1000 (I mainly use it for farm/ranch work & hunting) and here are my observations:
-R400 Midsize & R570 Full Size felt more stable than XP1000. The XP1000 does feel more tipsy
-XP1000 has plenty of power
-XP1000 some what stiffer than R400MS, R570FS, Kaw Pro-FXT
-XP1000 turn radius is excellent
-XP1000 has a poor design for engine braking (one can buy a $20 aftermarket part to change the behavior). When going down hill, it will lock the rear wheel, causing one to skid. Solution is the aftermarket part or change driving technique.
-XP1000 compared to a Crew Cab XP1000- no comparison. I would not own a crew cab (6 pax)-these are simply too long for the work and areas I travel.
-When went 3 miles down a nasty mountain trail. Only reason I turned back was b/c we were alone and if I broke down, my brothers crew cab XP1000 would not have been able to reach us. The XP1000 had no issues on this nasty trail.

Overall like the XP1000, but a little less capable climbing and or mud as the R400MS and R570FS due to weight, its a little more tipsy, but turning, quietness, lack of heat is much improved. Would like to see Polaris start offering 3 year warranty in the base, as the competition is starting to bite at their heels, especially for the price they are asking.
Thanks for all the info! My sister and her husband have a full size Ranger 570 and it's pretty nice. Does great on all of our trail rides, so I'm glad to hear that the XP 1000 is an improvement in most areas. I've looked at the Mule Pro-FXT in passing, but it seems much more utility oriented than what we are looking for. We will use the Ranger for some light work around our house, but nothing major. It'll be used to ride trails more than anything and the Ranger seems like one of the best 3-seat options for that.
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