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Sometimes you can go too fast.

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This is what happens when you climb hills too fast.

Just a little bent up
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You just need to tip it over on to the other side now to get it straight.
Joe in Tucson.
Hope no one was hurt.


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I considered that, it just didn't seem like the way to go. We actually tied one side to my trailer hitch and hooked the other side to deadlytedly's winch and pulled it back in shape. It looks good now. Its kind of scary how you can move those cages like that. No one was hurt too bad, Commander got a bump on his head and a cut on his neck from crashing through my rear view mirror. I think he bought his Ranger just so he didn't have to ride with me. :)
I agree with cowdogs, with your head tilted just a little it looks fine. [:p] Glad to hear no one was injured to bad.
I just have a scare on my neck and that sealed deal on me getting my own ranger so I don't have to ride with crazy people anymore.[:D][:D]

Not bad for either of us idots not wearing seat belts either, and I never dropped my cam corder out of my left hand.
I just kick my self for not having cam corder on and filming while flippping over. I did film them putting back on all fours though.
Advise pipe side head hurts.[B)]
And I Thank God that I can say this!!
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Yeah, flip it on the other side and you'll be good to go...that's what someone did to mine last weekend...won't mention any names, but stay tuned for the pics and details in Cartwheelin' Magazine! :)

Waiting for magazine and pictures.
I installed my rangerware and went on a crazy trip to Moab... We went on a trail that was just scairy but i got way out ahead of the rest of the whimpy 4 wheelers. I was so far ahead that I did not wait for someone to hang off the back corner of the ranger. I dropped a wheel off a redrock drop-off and the rock i has sat that tire on rolled. My Ranger rolled over. I got some scrapes and lost some oil... bit we tipped it upright and the rollbars did not move! The steel frame of the rangerware held the bars square. Nice product.

Nice Drew! Any carnage pics?

Been there ,Done that! Once was enough for me!
I wish there some pics of you fixing it. That would be real funny.
Been there done that too! Hopefully never again. Glad you were not hurt other than your pride! Some of those Moab Trails have no mercy on ya!:)
wade should really be able to add some valuable input here with all his experience.
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