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Squeal in the rear - 2012 Ranger XP

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Recently I have noticed a squealing noise toward the rear of my ranger. I jacked it up today and tried to figure out what is was, but I haven't concluded much.

When I turn the rear wheels I can hear the squeal. It sounded like a brake squeal, but I don't hear it near the brakes, but more toward the rear trans area. I suspected the parking brake, but if I put the parking brake on it will still squeal a little bit even though the tires won't turn much.

The machine only 38 hours on it. I was hoping you guys might have some clues for me to dig deeper. Thanks.

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Is it squealing even when the tires aren't turning? If so, it might be a belt or clutch issue.
It only does it if the machine is moving or when I rock it back and forth with the engine off.

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You might try taking a quick video (with audio, of course) and posting it here for some of us to see and hear.
Good idea. I will get one soon.

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