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Stacked Up!

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Anybody every seen stacks on a Ranger. Yes I'm from the South. [:p]

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Side shot of the stacks.
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Hey I like that, does it rummmmmmmmmbel nice ;-) and if no one has,
Nathan Welcome to PRC ;-)
Wheres the Rebel flag?
Great idea....
That's good, welcome to PRC!!
How did the bed hold up to the cut out and heat?
Nice,are both plumbed to the exhaust[?]
It's allways cool to be the first [8D]
That looks cool !
That warms my ******* heart. I don't think the Mrs. will let me do that to hers. You should add some "hot chick" mud flaps!
I love it, want to know more about hook up. I like stacks...[:0][:p][:p][:)][8D]
Looking at those stacks is like picking a scab... it hurts but I just can't stop. All you're missing is a set of big rubber nuts hanging from the hitch and you will have the hillbilly cliche market cornered.

Love it!

Thanks everybody for the compliments. Even us ******** have a good idea from time to time. On the technical side, the heat has not been an issue yet. It is suprisingly cool at the stacks. Yes both stacks do release exhaust. I'm not quit finished with the bed cut out. I'm going to attach some diamond plate to the bed and run it around the stacks to give the bed its strength back. It's a little flimsy know. Oh yea, the rebel flag is coming along with much more.
nice, that's what I need,then my Ranger would match my truck.
how do i get me some of them there pipes . And what hiibiy put them on. Just kidding looking good if you had a spear tire to match hint hint.....................
waiting for you to get to work
I like the stacks. I was looking at a Work and Play trailer but wasn't sure mine would fit. I have steel roof and 26" Bighorns. What do you think?
Doug, you're machine should fit no problem.

I can't wait to see these stacks in person!
I think them would look better on my ranger!![:p]
Where did you get them from and how much if you don't mind.

By the way you can call me anything but late for dinner..[:D]
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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