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I'm working on a sportsman 400 that got water into the flywheel housing, took out the bendix and starter. Lots of rust and doing my best to scotch brite it off but calling on the experts for one to tell me how much the outside of the flywheel needs polished, their is a raised section on it that I assume is read by the sensor and to give their opinion on the stator form the pic below, nothing drags and don't want to use emery paper on the tips in case I damage a $300 part. Other then the starter/bendix everything seemed to be working but not sure it was charging.

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So you are replacing the stator?. The only thing on the flywheel that makes the magnetic energy and even the signal for the crank sensor are magnets. don't think you'll hurt them a bit if you used rough sand paper or even hit them briefly with a flapper wheel In fact, I'd be half tempted to lightly buff of the outer part of that stator off clean and give it a go to see if it still works!

You'd have to be really buffing hard, almost grinding to take enough off of the flywheel to be a concern I think. Watch out when going back together, if the 400 is anything like the 800, turn the crank so the key is up before you slide the flywheel on. trying to hold the key in while putting the flywheel on in any other orientation than strait up is almost impossible.
yep, they are pretty proud of those stators, I think the one I just did on an 800 ran me around $300 something. maybe more.

if that spot on the flywheel is raised, I'd be somewhat cautious around it. you could flapper wheel around the whole flywheel until you get to that point, then proceed cautiously, or switch over to scotch brite pad for the raised portion. The tops of the little coil towers that go around the stator I seem to remember being made of steel? if so, I think you could hit them with a buffer pad as needed? the inner portion of the flywheel that slips over the stator I'd think you could hit with the flapper wheel as well. I'd have no idea what that little piece of spring would be off of. the 400 I'm sure is a bit of a different animal than what I have. that pulser coil doesn't use some sort of spring for tension does it? or is it fixed? I'm wondering if it's adjustable with loosening those phillips head screws? if so, might not hurt to re-set the gap once the flywheel is back on. one old timer told me when setting the gap for those inductive type coils was to roll the flywheel around to where the trigger is (the raised point on your flywheel) and then use a once folded dollar bill between the sensor and the flywheel for the gap. you should be able to pull your dollar bill out when you're done. then I'd roll the flywheel around again to make sure you have no contact points.
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