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Strange question for Duraclutch owners

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Has anyone with a Duraclutch or anyone know of anyone with a Duraclutch broke a reverse chain after installing it? Not thinking it's the answer, but watching the videos and reading reviews on it, my thought is it has to be easier on the tranny in general and especially the chain just from how smooth it engages compared to stock clutch setup. I haven't broke one yet, but know the chain and pinions do break from time to time. Just a thought, no proof or theory at all behind it
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Sure, I get that, I was thinking more in terms of the jerkiness of going into reverse (or forward). Seems to be quite a bit smoother than stock. I'm for sure with you on big mud tires and roots break all kinds of stuff for sure!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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