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<font size="2"><font color="blue"><u>CLUTCH PROBLEMS</u></font id="blue"></font id="size2">
<u>Broke it already</u>
was driving along at a brisk pace, heard a loud pop and now the clutch is shot, exploded is my guess. wont shift while running and acts as if it has a manual clutch that is constantly grabbing.
the clutch is shot, the center bolt seems to have backed off, and the belt ate it
RZRRider May 23 2007

<u>Important News about Rzr clutch!!!</u>
There is going to be an updated clutch/locking mechanism for the RZR. Polaris was aware that there was the possibility for a problem and redesigned the clutch.
RZRRider May 24 2007

<u>Rzr Carnage Report </u>
Problem... Loose bolt belt
Repair... replace belt,adjust clutch and be sure bolt is properly secured.
I don't think its possible to flip that belt unless you wore it down to about
1/2" wide.
digger128 May 24 2007

<u>New RZR Owners Please Read...</u>
substansial amount of water in the clutch compartment, had come through the small drain hole in the front of the box onto the air outlet from the clutch cover, then ran into the compartment, We used a plug which is Polaris part number 5432952 to put in the hole and seal it off
snoracer25 May 24 2007

<font size="2"><font color="blue"><u>4 WD PROBLEMS </u></font id="blue"></font id="size2">
<u>RZR 4wd problems (won't engage) </u>
would sometimes engage, and other times not engage at all
dooey May 23 2007

<font size="2"><font color="blue"><u>OTHERS </u></font id="blue"></font id="size2">
<u>First Ride. seat belt issues</u>
the seatbelt ratchet was submerged and then it would not retract. I was able to roll it up manually and then it was locked in place
jay-re May 24 2007

<u><u><u><u>RZR Front Brake Lines </u> </u> </u> </u>
the front brake lines had been rubbing on the drive axles.
Goldfinger May 26 2007

<u>And yes, they do rub</u> (RZR/RIM TIRE SET 14” 4 SPOKE BRUSIER
the 26 inch tires rub in the front and right rear. I was doing some light jumping today and noticed some rubbing on the inner fenders and exhaust heat shield.
May 18 2007
RZRRider May 23 2007
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