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Synthetic winch lines

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I took a look at my winch line. During snow plow operation it appears I got a bad kink in my steel line. As a result I am looking at a new line.

If anyone has experience with synthetic line, what is your opinion?

It looks like I will need to replace the fairlead as well to prevent damage to the new line. Most dealer sites seem to recommend an aluminum hause instead of the roller fairlead. Is this true?
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You have to use an aluminum fairlead to avoid pinching the line in the rollers. The main benefits of synthetic winch line are safety, and weight savings. It's also easier on the hands. The main drawbacks are that you have to guard it from abrasion and heat, not really that hard if you use your head.
This is a pretty good thread on the topic from the archive site.,rope

I've thought about going with with syn, but I do a lot of tossing my winch cable over the branches of trees and around rock, etc., and I'm afraid I'll ruin it.
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