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First off I am no mechanic, but i like to try and fix what I can....

So I'm off deer hunting last Tuesday, day starts off great I sleep in, get up drive to my watch on my ranger and kill a nice little buck in about 30 mins of sitting....I go get the Ranger to pick up the deer and it dies almost like it ran out of fuel......cranks but will not start or sputter.

Eventually I find a stick that slid up between the under seat storage on my 800 xp and the coil has been unplugged....plug it in and fire it up, load up deer and gone back to camp every once and a while the engine starts to run rough for a second or two then picks up and runs fine.

The rough running gets more and more frequent and check engine light comes on, so I park the machine after checking connections on all wires under the seat and when i wiggled the MAG side fuel injector wires the machine would run normally. I suspected the injector and after checking forum and getting the codes and how to check them I confirmed my suspicisions and learned the machine was only throwing 1 error that was an injector code. Must have damaged the injector wire when coil got unplugged by the stick. I then ordered the part from local dealer.

While waiting on the part I also read up on how to change out the injector.

Got the part today and changed it within an hour with only one arm (torn bicep recovering from surgery), the most time consuming part was cleaning all the dirt off of all surrounding surfaces to avoid getting dirt or debris into the engine/fuel system.

put her back together and she fired up and ran like she should..

next is full skid plate and rock sliders and lift kit.

Thanks again to everyone that posts..I have learned lots and now saved some money fixing ranger myself.

Rob D
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