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The RZR goes back/Polaris called Me Direct

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Hi Folks,

On our way back from the U.P. today I received a call from Neal at Polaris Industries (he got my cell phone number from our local dealer) that my RZR had to go back immediately to the dealer and that I should halt riding it. He indicated that the 'potential' problem is with just a handfull of units (he told me that he could count them on one hand) and that it involves the tie rods. I thought that it was VERY interesting that Polaris called me direct and didn't have the dealer call me instead. I'm assuming that they did that because they are nervous about a liability issue, but who knows. I looked at the unit's steering mechanism and it appeared solid to me. Neal also said that mine might be fine, but that he needed to have the dealer take a look at it. He also extended my warranty 6 months as a gesture of goodwill for my inconvenience. I'm assuming that Polaris will extend the warranty each re-called unit, but I'm hesitant to post this information on the 'other side' until we know for sure. You can find some pictures of today's riding in the RZR section.
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