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Here's a fun post while we all wait for our RZR's. My RZR is going to be getting transformed into the ultimate chase vehicle for our group of 5 quads (Grizzly, Scrambler, King Quad, Eiger, Brute Force).

I need help with suggestions for what I might be missing. I've already purchaced most of these things and have them put in cases to be mounted, but I need more. here are my main areas to cover - NOTE - I live in Hawaii so cold weather situations aren't a huge issue.

1. Emergency situations (individuals injured)
2. Survival related situations ( we get lost 5i0 miles from home in the mountains)
3. VEHICLE breakdowns
4. Convienence - things to make us feel cushy

Here is what I have so far

All the Polaris Accessories for the baja set up including two extra 2.5 gallon fuel tanks and spare tire with mount.

GPS Unit

Tow straps (2 10,000 pound straps with hook ends)


Spare tiedowns

Extra Batteries

Tire repair kit

Flashlight (head mounted petzl)

multi use Hacksaw blade/rip blade/tree blade

Multi use knife (leatherman type knife)

Hose clamps

Zip ties

Duct tape

3 feet of Mechanics wire

Radiator hosze

Nuts bolts and washers - Full 400 piece atv set up


Electrical wire (3 feet of 18 gage)

Engine Oil

1 gallon of antifreeze

4 feet of fuel line

quickSteel two part epoxy

Spark plugs

Butane torch

Folding camp shovel

First aid kit - advanced live saving EMT kit plus general kit

50 foot Nylon paracord

Survival Blanket

Full rachet set

Basic hand tools - Pliars/wire cutter/vise grip/channel wrench/box wrench set


Muilt head screwdriver

Toilet paper

Multi use batter back up with - Light/jumper cables/DC outlett/AC outlet/air compressor

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Was a spare drive belt on the list?

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Maybe CO2 for inflating tires, aspirin for heart attacks, bee or snake bit kit, bug and ant spray, sun block and lotion, white sheet for blocking sun, hand held VHF radio, flairs, compass, mirror, hide a second key, salt tablets, water or gatorade for dehydration, how much room do you have?

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I'm just wondering where you are going to put all that in the RZR. Please post pics when you get it all in there!


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You will be suprised what you can get in the RZR with the right packing. There is some room under the hood cover and the bed can be fitted with a good sized duffle.

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I ride (and live) on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our riding varies widely from beach blasting to deep forrest trails to wide open dirt roads to serious back country trailblazing on volcano slopes. Elevation varies from 0 feet to 10,000 feet temps range (in a sigle day for epic rides) from 55 Degrees to 85 degrees.


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you can easily get all that stuff compacted and mounted in a RZR problem is now that you will have a RZR you will be the leader and not the support mule. make the guys with the Grizzlies haul all that stuff so you can have more fun. only thing you did not mention was A BIG COOLER.

Way cool send pics
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