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A few months ago there was an interesting and innovative report (with pics) by a fellow who figured out how to pull a (walk behind) rototiller behind his ranger. I've used every keyword I can think of but can't pull the report out of archives with the search feature. Does anyone have any familiarity with that report, or advice for searching for it? Many thanks to all who respond. This is one great forum (and I spend a lot of time here!).
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I don't know how to find the post but Coach Collins is the member who tried this and then posted it.
I remember the post and it was Coach Collins, maybe you could e-mail him. My only issue with doing this would be the strain of going so slow for so long. IMO you would be looking for a new belt soon if you did this alot.
Thanks RangerJack and Fiberguy, I emailed Coach Collins. I'll ask him if he had belt problems.
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