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Tire/wheel ??

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I have a '13 ranger crew 800 full size and had a question in tires. I have a set of tires/rims off a scrambler 850 and was thinking of swapping them. My question is will the fact the scrambler tires being more narrow than the stock ranger tires affect the ride? If I remember correctly the ranger stock tires are 26x10r12 on the front and 26x12r12 on the rear. The scrambler tires are 26x8r14 and 26x10r14.

My main reason for doing this is I also have a 2006 Honda rancher 350 that is in bad need of new tires and the ranger tires will fit the Honda's 12" rims.

My other option is to buy an adapter kit and just put the scrambler tires on the rancher.

Third option would be to sell the scrambler tires/rims and just buy new tires for the Honda.
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