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Took the toy home

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Dealer wanted to drive so I let him drive it up the trailer and I got to take the pic's. I love this toy ;-)

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Nice!!! Great pics, thanks for posting them.
MAN is that AWESOME or what! I like the tire and wheel combo alot. You guys and all your great RZR pictures, your killing me. I just told Freddy the other night that I had finally came to the conclusion that I was just going to keep my XP after several days of trying to decide what to do. But these pictures are flat killing me!! Everytime I see one I stop and ponder on our Polaris trip and how awesome those things ran and drove. I should stop now I'm starting to drool on the key board! LOL

It looks like with you going with the Polaris wheels you will still have a 50" width is that right and it looks good too.
Bobby, Yes we keeping the orig. Tires with the new 12" wheels + a spare one too, with this setup we can us the spare on our Ranger too, I am looking into some maybe 1 1/2" wheel spaces to used them when we go to the dunes, like this one ;-)
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WOW what a good picture! I've never seen sand like that in person. All we've got is alot of corn fields here in Indiana, LOL. One of these days I'll see sand like that in person.

Great setup, looks good....
Looks nice, and LOVE the trailer, man
Alright!! Now were talking! Good looking ride Cisco.
Nice pics. Those look like the stock tires, but on the option wheels?
Nice pics, thanks

You are not that far away from some sand dunes, dont forget about Silver Lake sand dunes in Michigan..I am in Ohio, and we go at least 3-4 times a year!! great fun!
very nice hope to get mine by the end of the week
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