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Torque Specs?

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I need a little more information from the gurus of the wrench.

I have pulled the header & exhaust pipes off the engine to wrap them in Thermo Tech header wrap. They were held on to the engine by four allen head bolts that were not all that tight. I'm thinking they should have been torqued on to about 25 foot pounds. But I can't find anything about this in my service manual.

Does anyone have any idea on the correct torque? Other than having that information I will just have to put them back on with a guesstamation of what I feel is right compared to when I took them off.

Thanks for any advice.

Joe in Tucson, AZ
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You just saved me a lot of trouble. I was thinking 20 or 25 fp.
No wonder they were so easy to remove. 2 fp thats just about finger tight.
Thanks again
Joe in Tucson
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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