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Tracks hitting rocker....

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Just had new polaris tracks installed by dealer...broke corner off rocker ...and that even taking it easy and taking turns wide...anyone else experianced this...has the limiter cables but apparently they weren't set right....
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Is dealer going to pay for rocker?
I'd say they definitely didn't set the limit cables correctly. Did they give you the installation instructions? If so, consult the instructions, to ensure they are set correctly. If you don't have the instructions I can dig out the instructions for setting up the tracks.
I find it strange though. I installed a set of Tatou 4S UTV tracks on my 900, which also came with the limit cables. I ended up not putting the cables on because I can cut the wheel from lock to lock and still not be anywhere near having the tracks contact the rocker.
Also check the front tracks angle of attack. The dealer installed mine wrong also.

Bummer on the damage. How hard is it to take the tracks off and swap on the tires for either the Polaris or Camoplast tracks?
How hard is it to take the tracks off and swap on the tires for either the Polaris or Camoplast tracks?
Swapping the tracks for wheels and vice versa is fairly simple. There are brackets that mount on the a-arms to attach the anti-rotation bars, and of course the lug nuts.
had dealer install new tracks on my 2014 900 last year but never got around to using them to speak of, after reading these posts and installing them this year my angle of attack measures 14 inches indicating my dealer had not set them up properly as they should be around 12 1/2 inches.
I installed my own tracks, had the dealer call me and ask some questions about how to install them, a short time later, for a customer he was installing for, for the money they charge per hour, things like this shouldn't happen!!!
I installed my own--was pretty easy to follow camoplast instructions, no surprises
Can you use aftermarket A-Arm guards with the anti-rotation bars or will they need to be removed or modified?
Not sure about aftermarket, but I had to remove my aluminum Polaris a-arm guards. They are the style that have hooks that attach to the bars of the lower a-arm. The anti-rotation bars attach to a couple of plates that sandwich the lower a-arm.

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