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I went in to a local dealer to check out a 2021 Northstar Premium that had just came in just to look at the new white color, was surprised to find that the XP no longer has engine braking. I was torn between the XP Ultimate and the Trail Boss Northstar edition, finding this out made my decision for me. But when I asked how long it would take to get a Trail Boss in the salesman told me they were no longer able to order the Trail Boss. Has anyone else been told this? Also without a so called engine brake on the new XP does it free wheel when the rpms drop like the older machines? That was the one thing I hated about my 2004 and 2010 Ranger.

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Ok this has me interested as well!
Per the Polaris parts site...

Here is a '21 XP1000 Premium:

Note #3 looks like a standard 2-way bearing and there is no more "side helix"

Here is a '21 HighLifter:

Here is a '21 XP1000 Texas Edition:

Why is one of item #17 and #3 in a different position than the other two above?

Here is a '21 XP1000 NS Premium:

Which clearly has the EBS one-way bearing with side helix

Here is a '21 XP1000 NS Ultimate (same as NS Premium it looks like):

And here is the '21 XP1000 Trail Boss and NS Trail Boss:

This must be that new P90X-HD that Toxic mentioned a few months back in the other thread. Looks like they have reserved it (for now) for the Trail Boss models.
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