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Transferring extended warranty

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I called the warranty company to see how much it cost and what was involved in transferring the remaining life of the warranty from the original purchaser to me since the ranger was sold with the warranty. The lady said the fee is generally around 50$ bit the paperwork must be requested by the seller and signed by him. She said they will also require maintenance records and will review the files to see if they will permit the transfer. While i dont know why they would deny it, her comments have made me leery of even attempting the transfer as opposed to simply leaving it in the previous owners name and just using his name if i ever need warranty coverage.

As far as i know, the only claim filed on this bike was eps light, ecm re-flash for 600$.

Does anyone have experience with warranty transfer, pros/cons? Feel free to pm me if you prefer.
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Looks like no real experience here...

My dealer said i could leave it in the name of the seller and he can process any warranty claims under that name though i know that is technically not the right process.
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