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Trouble riding with Rzr's?

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Hey fellas, this is my first sxs and really haven't ridden much yet. I really wanted a Rzr but it was more practical for me to get the Ranger 900xp for the farm. So I'm just wondering if you guys have any trouble riding with rzrs? I know they won't handle and climb hills and such like a Rzr will. But I hope they are capable of technical trails and some rock crawling, because I live in TN and we have a lot of good riding here.
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I rode with a mixed RZR/CanAm group up in Wyoming with my Ranger. I did everything they did, but they did it with a lot less damage. My rocker panels are shot.
I won't say too much as I was told on here to learn your machine and set it up properly. The rzrs do everything with ease and more. Sure you can try to keep up. My group goes all out up n down, sideways, etc. I did climb a real steep hill the other day with them. I doubt if my stock tires would have gotten me up. Enjoy, and hope you don't bang the crap out of your machine trying to be a rzr. :)
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I've had two Ranger and now my RZR. The RZR is definitely a more stable, capable trail machine, but that being said, the Ranger is still a great trail machine that will keep up with all but the most extreme situations.
A couple of years ago, at the SSW rally, at windrock, I took my midsize 500 and rode with a group of rzrs. I believe we went 60 miles in 11 hours, and I had no problem keeping up with them, and I was on stock tires. I did have one flat (I had plugs and a compressor though) and the tires and rims took a beating. Also my cheap factory nerf bars got beat up. I had some good coaching from the TN guys and I stayed back in the pack so I could watch what lines everyone else were taking. I am sure most of them had a more comfortable ride then I did sitting on a bench seat, but I had a blast.
Thanks fellas, I'm under no illusions thinking a Ranger can do what the rzr can. I just want to make sure I'm not left sitting at home while my buddies go ride. I plan on making my ranger a little more trail worthy to it doesn't take such a beating. Putting a small 2 inch lift with forward a arms, 30 inch roctanes, full skid plate, and nerf bars if they will work with skid plate. Anything else I should look at?
You'll be fine. It's pretty normal for us to ride with a mixed group and if there are any issues with someone keeping up, it's not because of the machine.
Wonder if the "keeping up" problem Jerry was referring to might be related to an ethanol fuel problem - for the operators.
I run Ethanol free fuel in my Ranger. My not keeping up with the RZR's isn't a power problem. It's that I'm not as crazy or as nimble as the RZR guys are.
I think he was referring to "ethanol" for the operator aka adult beverages lol
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Ah, well this operator runs Ethanol free also. Sometimes I'm a little slow. Maybe I should be driving something other than a Ranger? :)
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