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Hello all! This is the place to find a solution to my problem if there is one! I had this under General Discussions but think technical would be a better place!
Picked up my new Duraclutch and Camoplast tracks Thursday afternoon for my 2014 Ranger 900XP and was pretty excited to get it all put on Friday afternoon :biggrin:..... Excitement ended AFTER we had already removed factory drive and driven. They sent me a 2013 clutch kit and driven clutch doesn't fit! :sorrow:
Calmed down and decided to put factory clutch back in and put on tracks to tryout. Got machine lifted, removed tires, laid tracks and mounts out, excitement growing....... :mad-new: #[email protected]*! My track mounting kit DOES NOT fit on my Backwoods Armor Arched A-Arms! I will say that I have NO ISSUES with the Backwoods Armor A-Arms (fit, finish, and quality are OUTSTANDING)!

I think I am being tested!!!!!!!

Any ideas??

Thanks for a great place to seek some know how!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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