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Tube wall thickness

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Anybody know the wall thickness of the stock cage?
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VERY thin!!! ....I was shocked when I cut mine apart! I didn't measure it, but I'm guessing about .035".
mostly for a good balance between protection and lowering CG
Agreed.....they knew what they were doing.....but it still makes for flimsy roll over protection. I feel ALOT safer about mine since I beefed it up and barely lost any off-road capabiility, yet gained a bunch of functionality.
I think its .065. Definetly pretty thin.
It's thick enough to take a good hot weld...
Oh'll weld! I welded all over mine. Just make sure you have your settings right or it'll burn through at the blink of an eye. Although I've done things as thin as an aluminum can with a tig, I'm used to welding things much thicker with a mig.
Thanks, I'm guessing .035 is probably pretty close, from looking at the holes.
I've got some .065 wall on hand, but may go with some matching stuff over the rear
so it's all the same.
It's app. .060/.065. We cut up a damaged one and measured.
Thanks, if I ever decide to modify mine I'm gonna re weld most of it. They must of had the new guy welding that day, some really sorry welding for such an important piece of the puzzle.
With tubing that thin, it would have to be REALLY sorry welding for the weld to fail before the tube does. We build 25 trailers everday that are 100% tubing and I've seen many after collisions.....they NEVER fail at the welds and 95% of it is 1/8" wall rectangular tubing.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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