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turbo question

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i found a turbo tha i can use for my buggy. it is a garrett gt1544. according to garrett it is capable of 210cfm. it has a a/r .33 stamped on the side of it. i found one on ebay listed asa gt15. can some one tell me about it. would it be too much for my 800efi ridgerunner
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Yes i run a gt15 on my turbo nitrous ds 800 just fine limit yourself to 7 lbs of boost life is good.[:D]
AZ what octane gas do you use with the 7psi?

I bet with only 7 psi of boost you can still run on pump. You are good up to 10 psi on 4 stroke sleds with pump gas.
Yes i run pump gas to play and when i get want to get serious i run u4.and a hughe hit of noss.I run a tunable efi system i can switch to alcahol in a simple touch of a cursor.Which if you can get a programable piggyback you could do too and take 25Deg of your engine and extend the life of your motor.WITH MUNDO POWER AT YOUR FINGER TIPS.
well i bought the turbo for $115. i alos won a intercooler on ebay for $48 to my door. AZsand what programmer are you running. I have a power commander. but have no clue how to tune it. I currently have a cam, port and polished head and a custom highflow muffler. the turbo is coming soon. I was considering switching ot a doebek TFi programer because it supposedly has knobs right on it for tuning. How does kitting the juice effect your clutching. oh wiat never mind you are talking about a ds800. that has a manual clutch right?
ok i have a ridge runner buggy that runs on the sportsman 800efi motor. i am building a turbo for it. how much fuel can the stock intank fuel pump support. how much can the stock injectors support. the turbo is supposed to make 7-8psi of boost with the lines plugged in and with teh lines unplugged 12-15 psi boost.
do i need a aftermarket fuel pump and regulator?
What diameter is the exhaust pipe at the collector on the end of the header?
How far away from the head should the turbo be for optimal performance? more questions ot follow...

where did you get your flexible exhaust piece? what size is it?

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