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Tusk Sub Zero Plow

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Just installed a new Tusk Sub Zero plow on my Ranger. It was fairly painless and it seems to work well so far.

For folks that have the same plow...does yours seem "wobbly" ? Mine shifts up and down. The instruction video says to tighten the mounting nut...then loosen a half a turn. Maybe thats why?

Also just installed the Ram Mount spot light.

Anway here it is...


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Looks nice man!!! Can't comment on the wobble as I have the Glacier Pro setup on my 500 and the KFI system on my 900.
I have the same problem. I tried snugging it up but then it won't swivel. I guess for the price I will live with it. All in all it serves it's purpose. :)
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How much does that setup run and how big is it? Never heard of them before.
TM...agreed. Works fine. Just making sure I installed it correctly. :encouragement:
Thanks for the response!
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