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Clutch parts are not cheap so why not keep them protected. I think we can all
agree that sand blasting your clutch while you ride is a bad idea. And the frog
skin cover let’s a lot of dust past.
Introducin the new Wolfsnout "UNDER COVER" clutch filter system.
For Polaris 1000 2015 and up. XP and S model

After A Day Of Riding

After Cleaning

The perfect amount of air flow with the maximum amount of
filtration. This great new product installs in a minute and requires
zero modifications or dis figuration to your machine. It fits right
under your clutch air intake cover. One filter covers both intake
holes. It is washable, reusable, and far less expensive that other
clutch filter set ups. Low cost insurance for expensive parts. If you
have concerns of mud blocking off the frog skin, you can just
remove the frog skin and your problem is solved.

This is a product all Polaris 1000 owners should have.
Shipping will begin on Monday-Wed next week

Patent Pending

Wolfsnout keeps the dust out! Click Here rzr-1000-clutch-filter
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