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You may have a few issues. A weak battery combined with a heavy electrical load can stall the engine because it robs the ECU, EFI and ignition of needed electricity to run the engine. Electricity takes the path of least resistance so a high amp draw accessory would provide that path.

Poor connections/bad grounds may cause issues.

A bigger battery might be a band aid that will provide the extra power to operate the plow and run the engine but if the charging system doesn't have time to replace the current used between plow operations eventually the bigger battery will become weak and the end result will be what you have now.

If your charging system isn't up to snuff or your battery is internally shorted the charging system can't keep up with the total current requirements and the engine dies. Fully charge your battery and load test it.

It's possible that your plow has a problem causing it to draw too much current. An ammeter can diagnose that issue.

Test your charging system for proper output. Remember, charging systems on Rangers have no where near the output of those in most any on road vehicle. It's also a fact that the charging system doesn't put out it's rated current at idle but only at or above a specific RPM. This means that long periods of low RPM running combined with high use of electrical accessories (plow, lights, amplifiers, heater fans etc.) depletes the battery, which isn't good for the battery.

Running a bad battery is a sure way to shorten the life of your charging system (regulator & stator) [Expensive].
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