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Folks, you need to be extra careful. In the last couple of days, my laptop picked up a virus that thankfully didn't trash anything but was very annoying. The dangerous part is, it pops up messages giving you "System Alerts" and looks just like a Microsoft warning. The key is, it is missing the Microsoft logo. It also pops up a yellow warning triangle and when you click on it, it appears to be a message box from Microsoft. Again, it is missing the logo. This "worm virus" is trying to get you to install a program called "Syp Lock". DON'T do it!! If you google this, you will find all kind of info. There is a program called "Spy Hunter" that claims to remove it. DON'T do that either!! It is the same type of program, only a different name.

So, after a day and a half of working on it and enlisting my brother's help, who is a semi expert on computers, we finally elimanated it. We used a combination of Trend Mirco's anti-virus, spyware removal, Ad-Aware and a program called Rogue Remover. This is a leech of a dern virus that thankfully doesn't cause any system crashes but does cause a lot of anoying crap. So, be careful if you have the least suspicion of something.
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