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<font color="red">This was posted by Denis on the old forum and I moved it here 4-15-07</font id="red">

Was curious how many people might be interested in coming to the northeast east for a Ranger Ride in. The area would be in Concord Vermont, almost all class four roads are open and tons of trails. I spoke with Spencer Hudson, Local Owner of Polaris Dealership All Around Power. He said he would hold a pig roast at his house for this event and would check with other Polaris people about doing something for customer appreciation. I am thinking the last Week of June or first week of July, I figured these dates might work with school break. Foliage time would be another great time to ride.
There area a couple of camp grounds in town as well as plenty of other space to park a camper and Ranger. This is just a thought at this point, depending on interest. There is plenty of riding to meet all levels of Ranger Riders! Let me know.

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