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Want to make my own wire harness for add-ons. Need a wire source. Any ideas?

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Okay, so here is the deal.... on my 2010 Ranger 800 XP/LE, I added a number of electrical items - dual batteries with isolator, winch, driving lights, back-up lights, under-the-seat fan, horn, turn signals, you get the idea. I didn't ever look at those add-ons as one big project. I would cruise the forums, find ideas I liked over long periods of time, and run each circuit individually - meaning over time there was a lot of duplicity of labor.

Now I have a new Crew and already know I am going to be adding most of the above to this unit a well. I want to approach this one a little differently - with an eye towards laying out much of the wiring for the different installs out all at once.... sort of making my own wiring harness. That way my first project can be making one or two major pre-wire runs and "dead-ending" the wiring until I decide to start on a particular project. Then I can just install one at a time as funding permits.

I will start with the main fuse block and associated wiring. But from there, I want to be able to identify wiring for any given add-on by color code. So I am looking for a reasonably priced place to purchase bulk, quality automotive wire, preferably with colored tracers, along with high quality crimp connectors and such. So if you have a good source, would really appreciate the info.

Also, any of you that have any suggestions relative to making my own "pre-wire harness" of sorts, any and all input, suggestions, or considerations would likewise be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bill
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Try delcity or waytec wire , waytec is cheaper but they have minimums, get the print catalog for each it's easier to browse.

Your not going to find tracer
wire for a reasonable price in small quantities.

Wire look at gxl or sxl
Ditto on what Ransil said ^^. Read the section called "Wire Sizes and Types" in this post; before you order! Another source, Tech Info .
Thanks guys. BTW: fswan, read and "liked" both parts 1 & 2. I generally match sizes like you suggested. When I make this harness, I figure 1 size bigger would suffice for most of the little stuff like dome lights, back-up lights, and turn signals to account for length of runs or proximity to heat sources. If I need some for higher amps, I can run those circuits separately or make a second harness as needed. I figured the prices would be a wash since I keep buying the small rolls at Autozone for $6.50 or so a pop. Might as well lay in a useable supply. Any other suggestions are most welcome.

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Since you're in a pretty dry environment, this probably won't matter so much. I'm in/around water a lot, so I like to use marine tinned wire and good quality heat-shrink terminations. It's a little more expensive than the standard automotive stuff, but it won't ever corrode due to moisture. This place usually has pretty decent prices: Marine Wiring, Boat Cable and Electrical
Good point. Dry yes, but a lot of very fine dust which can also work it's way in and foul connections. I always use good crimps and heat-shrink tubing on all connections.

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Use weather pak or metro pack connectors, crimp & solder connectors . the bussman fuse boxes are sealed and use weather pak seals & terminals
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