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warranty question

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What is the general feeling among you guys on the extended warranty? I am purchasing a 2007 6X6, and was wondering if the extended warranty is worth the price, which raises another question... What is the price range of the extended warranty that anybody may have purchased? I dont mind buying it, but just want to be sure that it is worth the investment. Thanks in advance! Rob
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Welcome Rob to PRC, I myself would not buy warraty, to each his own, but you can fix alot with what they cost. I kinda figure its like gambling, and I never bet on the other guys game.[:D][:D][:0][:D]
Welcome to the PRC i think it depends a whole lot on your dealership, will he work with you or once you buy it its all yours.My dealership will do all he can and then some to get all work under warranty.

The question on warranty work is something a lot of folks ask. Some get it and a lot do not. We have had several on here to take full advantage of it though. Personally, on vehicles and such, I usually never get a warranty. However, if I were today go out and by a new XP, I would probably spring for the warranty. If you decide to get the warranty, give our sponsor dealers a call. I don't want to quote prices here but it is generally a lot less than the list price which is really steep. I would not buy a warranty at the full stated price though.
I got the warranty on my first ranger and wound up using it often. IMO, the dealer you use is key to the warranty and how effective it will be. I am on my second ranger and also got the warranty on this, although not as long as the 1st.

Either case, I am glad I have the protection, should I need it. It doesnt take long, to have a claim which far exceeds the cost of the warranty.

I bought the 60 month 0 deduc. as the first accesory for my 07 XP I felt it was money well spent for piece of mind.It does depend alot on the dealer from what I understand as to how hard they will work to warranty items.
Hey Rob you don't happen to be a member of the forum?The reason I ask is that's the only other place I have seen the fish trippin the two flag gig.Very funny, I sometimes think there is more truth to that little animation than I would like to admit!
Welcome to PRC Rob. I have had my Ranger 13+ months & it has not needed any warranty work. I use mine hard for hunting, snow removal, hauling wood, sand, stone etc. I try not to abuse it though. I did not buy the extended warranty as I thought the rates were too high from any source. I would recommend installing CV Boot/A-Arm Guards like our sponsor Extreme Metal Products. They are darn good insurance. BTW, my son is a Maine Trooper but presently serving in Iraq. God Bless.
Thanks for all of the help, I am not the type to beat my vehicles, and will use the Ranger for hunting in the awesome NEK of Vermont, where my in laws have a camp and a bunch of acres. Oh yeah, my wife will use it for landscaping etc at our home too. Im mechanically inclined as well, so I can do repairs. The only thing that worries me is the huge cost of parts on these things if they do break. I have had ATVs for 20 years andhave never had to have a dealer service one yet, so I guess I would probably be OK. This is a serious investment though, thats why I was considering the warranty.
I have been watching this forum for a few months, and joined so that I could post questions before buying a Ranger. You guys (and gals) are an awesome resource, and from what I can see, there are not many major issues with the Rangers, other than maybe the motor mount issue.
NEK, I am a member of the ice fishing forum, which is another great place. I saw the animation on somebody's post and thought it was a riot, so I adopted it. I look forward to riding the Ranger up in your neck of the woods, I think it will be a great rig for the mountains up there, but I will definitely be installing a winch due to the "forever mud" (thats what my son called it when he was little).
Bob, I know your son Jeff well, and have been on for 13 years. I know where you live, and am sure that I have met you once with Jeff, years ago. My first patrol was Limerick/Kezar Falls. I am hoping to be able to pick your brain once I have the Ranger home, on accessories, etc. Maybe I will stop by and introduce myself again if it is OK with you. It sounds like you use the Ranger for alot of the same things I will be. I cant wait to get it, and will post pictures in the new members forum once I do.
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Buckhunter - Be sure to give me a yell when your 6x6 comes in, you have made a great choice. You have 6 months after delivery to make up your mind on the extended warranty. It has taken me over a year to get the equipment that I think I need for what I do, you learn as you go. This PRC and it's sharing folks have really made a big difference and is what convinced me to go Ranger! [:D][:D][:D]
Bob, thank you very much, I will be sure to touch base with you. I pick it up Tuesday! I can't wait! This makes my 6th Polaris, and if it is like any of the rest of them, It will be awesome...
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