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I know we are all recovering and I for one have got to get off here and go mow the yard, but before I go I wanted to start this thread. Like I mentioned in Minnesota, we are going to have to step up the policing of the RZR threads. Post links of stupid or offensive threads here. The type buyers are going to younger, hot heads and the type that spouts off without thinking. Gary has already blasted Jack and we have moved the thread here. I will not tolerate much from established members and I will tolerate zero crap out of new ones. You all heard how Matt Holman reads PRC every day, including Saturday and Sunday and he stood in front of us and read the Mission Statement while on PRC's site. That lends extra credence to the fact that we must keep things as they were before. From now on, I am going to institute my "Smash them like a bug" program. This board has worked extremely hard to get us to where we are today and I be dern if I am going to let a few jackasses spoil it.

So, with that in mind, your first job every day will be to scan the RZR section, whether you have a RZR or not. That will help to point out problems quicker.
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