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waterproofing your ranger

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There are alot of great topics on the forum about venting hoses and snorkels but I have spent alot of time searching and still dont know if I have the answers. Can u all update this topic with the hoses that need to be vented to new locations (under the hood?) and how. Also suggestions on snorkels.

or email me direct with ideas. Thanks
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It's pretty simple, actually. I'd snorkel the following items:

1) Intake
2) CVT intake
3) Front/Rear Differentials
4) Engine Breather
5) Gas Tank
6) If you really want to go all out for something like Mud Nationals, snorkelling the CVT Exhaust and your actual exhaust is the next steps. Hope that helps. I've done it on my Ranger and my father's Ranger, both of which are either in archives or current threads labeled 2006 buildup and 2005 buildup or something to that effect.

What about the transmission Chris...I hooked my rear diff and trans to a T fitting (plastic) and then ran a line up from there.


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Good call, but I think that's the engine breather is what I was thinking.

Thanks for the reply and ideas. I havent done any mods yet and really dont know much about this new toy but Im trying to learn.
Stay tuned, because there's going to be a sweet article in Cartwheelin' this next month on this exact process...on rangers too!

How about a giant hamster ball?

i would imagine something like bubble boy. would probably have to be pretty tough though.
The Ranger article has been bumped to the following month.

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