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What do you like best about your new RZR?

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Let's hear it...what do you like best about your new RZR?
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i just got in, we have been working on a mt. lion study, friday, sat., and today. we were working on three costal ranches and put on over one hundred and fourty miles all offroad, itwas soooo comfortable. that many miles on my quad would leave me exhausted.
The overall width. We can go places with this one that we can't with our standard Ranger. Also, the relative comfort compared to the Ranger.
I love how it handles, love the speed, the narrowness of it. It's comfortable as all get out and doesn't look too shabby either........oh wait...I haven't gotten my RZR yet.....all those things must have been in the dream I had last night!!! Ha ha ha. But it sure was fun in my dream....!!! Oh well, soon enough...I'm like a kid at Christmas here...I'm ready to go pick the stupid thing up myself, forget about shipping. Happy riding everyone.
Hmmm...let see...I like is because it's an <font color="red">RZR</font id="red">!!!![:D] I've only been able to put about 30 or so miles on it but I like it. It will go up and over just about anything and the comfort is awesome. It's fast...really fast, I just need some more seat time to get use to the handleing. I would like to see a better design od the roll cage (nets are a joke)....I feel a little exposed but I guess this is what aftermarket companies are for. Gas pedal as stated is way touchy but getting use to it. Over all I like it and to date I have had no mechnical issues.
This is the first toy I've owned that really put a smile on my wife's face. I asked her to get in it and drive, she was a little apprehensive at first and after that she wouldn't stop driving it.
Size is number one goes anywhere!! Power duh....and Ride this thing rides like a caddy over nasty terrain
The groupies...too bad they are all guys though![:D][:D]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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