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What is Geocaching?

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Do you have a love for the outdoors, a fondness for high-tech toys and an adventurous spirit? If so, Geocaching might just be for you!

Thousands of people all over the world are discovering the pastime known as Geocaching (pronounced "Geo-cashing". It's the adventure/ sport that has families and individuals using the internet, hand-held GPS's and their eyes and wits to search for "treasure" hidden all over the world! The odds are that sometime in the past few years you've been with a few feet of a geocache and didn't even know it!

Getting started is easy. If you have a hand-held GPS and internet access, you're half way there!

Log onto and enter the zip code of the the area you want to go geocaching and you will see all the treasures hidden near you. Enter the coordinates in your GPS and the hunt begins!

When you find the hidden container, you will most likely find it filled with small collectibles, toys, ink pens, etc. and a log book. Then you find an item you like and remove it and replace it with another item for the next Geocachers. Make sure you sign the log book and then put the container back in it's original position and concealment. Later you can log onto the internet and share your find so others can read about your adventure.

Folks, this looks like good, clean family fun that can often involve the use of Rangers, bikes or walking. Jeff added a Geocache adventure as part of our rally at WindRock and it got me interested. The more I read about it, the more I like the same "family friendly" opportunities that we already share on PRC.
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