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whats easiest method to clean radiator fins out

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My machine keeps overheating and im beginning to think the issue is due to clogged radiator fins. Whats best way to clean the dirt out of them. How hard is it to remove front plastic to get to radiator easier. Thanks in advance
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Removing the front facia isn't that difficult......just a little time consuming. It's a shame that you have to do that in order to have full access, but that really is the best way, and nearly the "only" way for some machines. At one of the PRC rallies several years ago, Curt's Ranger kept overheating and we finally had to remove the entire radiator. Sure enough, the lower portion was pretty much completely clogged.

I have seen folks use homemade devices (nozzles using 90* elbows) on their pressure washer and/or water hose to make access easier. I have even seen folks drill 1/2" to 3/4" holes in their plastic in a few locations to provide access to nozzles. Recently I saw a thread where one member made a removable shroud so he could get to the back side of the radiator in order to blow it out from that direction.

Although my RZR has less of an access issue, it is still difficult to get to ALL of the areas thoroughly. That's why I use a pressure washer......which some people (including Polaris) will recommend that you should NEVER do. If you use a pressure washer, just make sure you use the widest fan tip ("pencil" tips are a big no-no) that you have, and don't get any closer than 6" to the fins. I've been cleaning radiators on ALL of my off-road machines (dirt bikes, quads, and SXS's) for over 35 years and have never damaged one. Just use common sense on which tip and how close that you use it, and you will be fine.
See less See more don't happen to have a "tutorial" on how to remove front facia do you?......
Not really. The only ones I have ever done were my '12 RZR and '06 XP.

I think Curt's was an '09 XP, but we really didn't remove the facia on his......we simply removed the radiator from the machine. Unfortunately, that means draining/refilling the coolant, then trying to get all of the air purged from the system. I really wouldn't recommend that route unless circumstances made that necessary.

Which year and machine? Maybe another member will chime in with specifics.
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