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What's it worth?

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I'm thinking about selling my 570 and would like to know a fair asking price.

2014 Ranger 570
74 hours
569 miles
Fortress top/windshield combo
3500 lb winch
stock tires/wheels

Paid $10,500

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Plus whatever you think your options are worth - generally 25/50% of what you paid. NADA.

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Swan added some great info for you. I also think you need to check on the current rebates and offering from Polaris is so you know what your playing field is.
The hardest part of selling a nice higher value machine like yours is you don't have that nice lower rate financing (if they have good credit) that is often offered by a dealer/manufacture. Often your buyer is going to need to pay cash or get a higher rate used vehicle loan so it hurts the selling price a bit.
Good luck on your sale.
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