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What's wrong with stock tires?

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I,m curious, it seems about 8 of 10 people remove their stock tires and put aftermarket on. Other than the hardcore muddies, I am not sure I understand what's wrong with the stock tires. I haven't pulled the trigger on a new 900 but will do so by March and can't imagine swapping the tires out. They look like they will have decent traction and a nice ride, but obviously I don't know much by most folks are swapping out and many with rims too.

By the way, what happens to all the factory tires, rims, etc? I see a few for sale but nearly as many as those who appear to swap out.
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My main reason for replacing the factory tires right away is for added ground clearance. I ride in really rocky areas and I just didn't trust the cheap PXT tires. Once you have good trail tires like the Bighorns or Roctanes you will understand. The Rangers are heavy, the added 8 ply rating makes for a better more capable machine on the trails. As for the factory wheels, I sold the tires and wheels together on a local classifieds site.
It really all depends on your riding style. My buddy just recently ditched the factory tires for larger ones, after they were almost completely worn out, but his rig was very capable in the mud, hills, and rocks with the stock tires. I changed mine for 3 reasons, all of which based upon my own personal opinion and riding style. 1. Extra traction in mud and on rocks. 2. Extra ground clearance. 3. Appearance (looks way better with some larger tires and nice wheels on it). My first ride on the stock tires I ended up stuck in a mud hole that all my friends drove right through. Although the tires I have now still do not perform like straight mud tires, they do very well compared to the stock tires.
If the stock PXT tires do what you need then run them, many do. I had over 1500 trouble free miles on mine and about half of that in rocky mountain trails. I wanted to go bigger for many of the reasons stated, but by no means is changing tires a must. Ride them and get used to the machine and by the time you need more tires you will know what you want.
I traded mine before i left the dealer.:encouragement:
I like the stockers....when they wear out a set of ITP BlackWater Evolutions will be going on
Most of my riding is on hard pack. Stock tires were very noisy and unstable. Switched to "street tires".
I have 3600 miles on my stock PXT's, and still going. Not so much as a slow leak. Where I ride it's rocky, so I run max pressure to avoid sidewall damage and pinch flats. I think tire longevity is a function of several variables. Where you ride, air pressure, cargo weight, who you ride with, and of course who's driving. I'm a pretty conservative driver, and there's no sticks, roots, or thorns where i ride, so the PXT's have served me well. That said, it's Kanati Mongrels for me when the PXT's go. Good luck with your decison.:glee::encouragement:
My dad ran 9k on his stock 2011 800 tires and bought brand new tire and wheel le takeoffs for 400 and put them this fall he said he's good till 18k now
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My dad ran 9k on his stock 2011 800 tires and bought brand new tire and wheel le takeoffs for 400 and put them this fall he said he's good till 18k now
Yep, ya gotta love the guys who take off the stockers before the rig leaves the dealer. I, too, bought a set of take-off tires and wheels for the price of the tires alone. :glee::encouragement:
I cant leave anything alone!! Im about to buy 29.5's and my current tires dont have 200 miles on them. Plus i dont like getting stuck. :)
The 26" pxt are about the most aggressive style oem tires on the market and are good enough for about 50% of all owners that like to just cruise and work around the farm. The non LE model Rangers come with the 25" 489 tires which are less aggressive and from my experience seem to puncture very easy. I usually like to remove the oem tires and wheels and add some more aggressive and thicker ply tires like the other 50% of ranger owners do. I always keep the oem wheels and tires and reinstall them when I trade or sell the vehicle.
when you get at least 100 miles from anything your cell phone dont work the only thing stopping you from spending your night in the woods is your tires that's why you want the best tires money can buy.:nightmare:
I have the stock non le tires and have like 9 plugs lol bit I'm running them till the trees stop going by then I will get a nice set
I worked my trade with dealer when i could get the best money.
I always own 2-3 sets of tires. I keep my stocks for beach riding and pavement riding. My 31" Outlaws for most of my trail and mud riding, and mtc motos for riding at the dear lease! Tires are easy to change :)
Mine was supposed to leave the dealer with new tires/wheels, but I was too impatient and they had to order them.. So I made 1 ride on the stockers before my 28's came in..
Tire choice depends on how you use your machine. Stock tires don't suit me very well.
I'm OK enough with the stock tires that I bought a set of OEM tire/wheel takeoffs. I carry one of the takeoffs as a spare now. A bit more clearance would be nice but I'm not sure I want to put my drive train through the additional stress.
Its part of the addiction, which I now have after buying my first Ranger only 3 months ago. Kinda like, do I really need a 40" light bar that causes the grass to grow and the flowers to bloom when I turn it on at night? No I don't, but I do have one! Amongst the many other mod's that I have and am still buying. I may or may not need them but by golly I sure do have them. My wife now hides all the time for fear that I may trade her for some ranger doors or something. Back up lights coming in today. Whoop whoop.
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