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Which Ranger should I buy ? : 700XP 2007 or 500 2010/2009 . Thanks

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Hi Experts

I really want to buy a RANGER for family trips ,
And in my country and my budget the are not to many Ranger options mostly RZR's which are more expensive,

from the few that I can choose/find , I have a couple of 2007 / 2008 XP 700cc (~7000$)
And A couple of 500cc 2009 / 2010 (~9200-10000$)

From what I know the suspension changed from the 2005 models and also there was a shape change from 2009 ,
  1. What would you recommend as a better buy ,the older 2007 700cc XP or a newer 2010 500cc ?
  2. Does the 2010/2009 suspension is better than 2007 ?
  3. Which motor/ranger is a more reliable motor: 500cc or 700cc ?
  4. In general ,do the newer models really worth the price difference ?

Thanks for you help, any comments or tips are appreciated.


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IF it we me I'd go for the 500. That Fuji engine is bulletproof, newer chassis, and about on par as far as power deliver as the 700.

Where do you live? 10k can get you into a new ranger easily around me
I responded to this in your other thread.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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