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Hi Experts

I really want to buy a RANGER for family trips ,
And in my country and my budget the are not to many Ranger options mostly RZR's which are more expensive,

from the few that I can choose/find , I have a couple of 2007 / 2008 XP 700cc (~7000$)
And A couple of 500cc 2009 / 2010 (~9200-10000$)

From what I know the suspension changed from the 2005 models and also there was a shape change from 2009 ,
  1. What would you recommend as a better buy ,the older 2007 700cc XP or a newer 2010 500cc ?
  2. Does the 2010/2009 suspension is better than 2007 ?
  3. Which motor/ranger is a more reliable motor: 500cc or 700cc ?
  4. In general ,do the newer models really worth the price difference ?

Thanks for you help, any comments or tips are appreciated.


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