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which size tire?

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I have 28in mudzilla's and they are beating the crap out of my front end, i have replaced two lower ball joints, one upper ball joint and a wheel bearing. Im looking at getting something with less weight. So I'm looking at just Zilla's but i can't make up my mind. Im stuck between 28's on 14in SS212 or 30's on the same wheel. I trail ride mostly but if there is a mud hole I'm the first to try it out. 30in zilla's come in 14lbs less than my mudzillas and 28's are 16lbs lighter. If I need a clutch kit I will do one. thanks
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Running that size of tire it doesn't matter what it is, it's going to be devistating to not only your front end, but your whole drivetrain in time.

I have two 800s thathave a combined 22,000 miles. neither have or need ball joints in the front.

Mud and water will kill your suspension, and big tires don't help.
i know that big of a tires hurts, but lighter weight will help on drivetrain stuff i would think. i know that replacing parts is part of running bigger tires but all those parts with less than 600 miles kinda would be nice if i could get 1000 miles out of them
yea, Im thinking the super heavy tires plus the 1.5" wheel spacers may could quite possibly have something to do with the ball joint and bearing wear...
yea probably
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