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Who considwred the mule pro fxt?

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A hunting camp member said he is interested in buying the mule pro fxt but wanted my opinion since ive researched utv,s. I told him, next to the ranger 900, everything is second best but he disagreed. It made me wonder, how many of you considered this bike before buying the 900 and why did u favor the 900, which obviously u did or you would be on the kawasaki forum.

The reviews are very good for the fxt, i guess the big thing i dont like is the size. I told him i like the durability of the product, though this model is new, the warranty is apppealing, it is quiet, though i am unsure if it is better or worse than the 900 in this regard. Nonetheless, it is a bus and the wt is like 1800 lbs and the bench seat is not that comfortable in my view
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The Kawasaki might be nice, but I'm a polaris guy, can't explain it.
It's huge. 1600 lbs. I guess maybe that's not so bad for a 4 seater but I have no desire for a vehicle that big and heavy.
They are nice and smooth, and slow and heavy and they don't have a locker in the front.

It just depends on what you want to do with it.
I agree with much said, smooth, heavy and does have a purpose. If you are comparing it to 900, then you see just how tame the Kawasaki is relative to the 900 :)
I have to ask why your buddy disagreed?
Im not totally sure he disagreed but he doesnt trust the polaris brand as much and he likes the option of hauling for people. He sent me a note this morning and now is thinking about a mule 610, a completely different animal and a big step backwards
I did consider the new Mule as it has the same engine in it that the 825i John Deere Gator that I owned has in it. Very smooth (3-cylinder) running and never a problem with my Gator. I've always been a Kawasaki guy over the years so choosing the Polaris over the new Mule was a hard decision, Biggest decision for me was the size of the Mule and I personally wanted a 570 Mid-Size Ranger Crew for it's size and the power was somewhat the same after test driving them. Kawasaki does give a three year warranty which is much better then the 6 months that you get with a Polaris. Most Mules are not used as owners use their Polaris vehicles, most Mules are used pretty much as stock work machines and they last forever under general use, where as the Polaris are used by many as sport recreation vehicles and under all conditions. Let's face it, the U S Army has been buying the old Mules (410's) with diesel power for years and have proven to be very successful over the years.

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The new mules are leaps and and bounds over the previous generation of trans mules. Everything is beefy and overkill in strength. Im just not a fan of the styling.
I had owned a 800, then sold it,,,tried out the new Pro FXT.....loved the quiet motor...but it was big and driving a tank. You'd have to drop a 4cyl engine in it to wake it up....
it wasn't out when i got mine.

I was looking at the Gator XUV 825i though, great machine :D but it had no useable leg room.. I know now that was a bench seat issue as the buckets are fine but the 900 has a better "and cheaper if you can call 2500 dollar doors cheap..." cab system!
Im not totally sure he disagreed but he doesnt trust the polaris brand as much and he likes the option of hauling for people. He sent me a note this morning and now is thinking about a mule 610, a completely different animal and a big step backwards
The 610 is a nice little unit and like you said, a big step back. He might need to look at his needs very closely before a purchase because these are completely different units with vastly differently capabilities and purposes. Hopefully he isn't just shopping based on price for it can get expensive buying wrong on the front end and then trying to correct it :)
The 610 Mule is about as simple as it gets, it works well for what it is and what you pay for it. I would personally not want a 610 just because it has a carburetor and is not fuel injected, needs to be choked when starting cold and with today gas carburetor cleaning because of Ethanol gas is a pain in the Butt.

If that is the overall style he might be looking for, then I might look at the Kubota RTV 500. I had a chance to get one off craigslist last year for $5000 with only 125 hours.
atleast push him twords the 4010 if he's after an older style mule.

I liked that thing :D it looked like a decent bare bones unit but no good cab option was a no go for me.
Kawasaki would have had my buisness if they would have made the Teryx4 a non ear plug required machine. I think the fit and finish of the Kawasaki is much better than the Polaris, but they are just to damn loud.
100% agree with the above statement. Anything except idle is rediculous loud
I have had the polaris 800 crew and now have the mule pro Fxt. Each has their pros and cons. In my opinion the mule is quieter, smoother, more maneuverable in that it is shorter, and the second row seating is better because it is stadium style. With that said, the polaris has quite a bit more pep....especially the 900, more bed space, better power steering. The mule drives and feels more like grandmas Cadillac and the ranger more like a sports car.
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