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Who's been watching "Alaska Off Road Warriors"?

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Started watching this show a few weeks back when it started. figured I'd get bored and shut if off. I haven't missed a week!

Sure there's some TV drama, but the places these guys are going is amazing. What's more amazing is that most of the machines are still in one piece.

Anyone else watching?
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I have been watching as well and enjoy the show. I have not seen a land anchor before this show and really impressed just how well they dig in because some of those units were buried, impressive.
That show is not what it seems....very creative editing...
I would love to get a bunch of guys that know how to ride off the grid like that and do an adventure!!! the longest ive been on ,,,,,in the drivers seat was 29 1/2 hours and 329 miles through the mountains in maine last year,,it was awesome!!! not many people are up for that kind of ride......
It's stupid to say the least. They are basically wheeling mild trails that are right off the road system. Not to mention the unprepared ******** that are the participants. At least they cancelled "Slednecks", that was the worst of the AK shows.m

They are not even close to being off the grid.
I enjoy watching the show but when the guy with the mullet was able to use his cell phone they lost all "remoteness" credibility with me. I'm 15 miles from town and can't use my cell phone at my house but this guy can get a signal in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness?!
I laughed my ass off when he smashed his face against the window and knocked himself out that was the best
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Who needs a safety harness when you have a windshield.
It's entertaining to say the least.

What I can't get over is the Leigh brothers or whaterver their name is, and their POS toyota 4 runner with a wimpy 4 cyl in it.

They couldn't find any rigs any more qualified to run than that worn out rig with a 6 inch lift?

I swear, I think my 91 suburban's got more off road capability than that thing.
What I can't get over is the Leigh brothers or whaterver their name is, and their POS toyota 4 runner with a wimpy 4 cyl in it.
Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a mistake to equate off road capability to cubic inches or horsepower. I've got two swamp buggies, both powered by 4 cylinders. They definitely wouldn't win at the mud bog races, but they'll go places that would surprise you, and keep on going for days. Given the show's scenario, I'd be much more concerned about weight vs ground pressure, and drivetrain reliability when facing boggy situations.

I agree about the entertaining part though. I suspect the whole thing is filmed within sight of the highway.
Most of it is. It's very creative editing.
It's like I told my wife, somehow the camera crews were ahead of these guys, so there's got to be a road close by.

As for the horsepower and off road capability, the two go hand in hand. Of course there's power to weight ratio, but lack of HP will get you stuck. and when you get stuck, it's tough to get enough hp to pull yourself out again.

I'd have liked to see how the rangers would have performed in some of the boggy conditions these things were in.
The only place trucks win is deep water with a swift current. Everything else I'd take my Ranger.
I worry that these heavily edited "Reality Shows" encourage the weak-minded , poorly prepared to think they can go and do likewise .Entertainment is one thing, Reality quite another. Rash of Copy Cat rescues in the works ?
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