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Why only 2?

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The threads I have read seem to all agree that each dealer will get 2 units, and some have also said no more after that until Sept. Is this true, and if so, why would this be the case? I would think that once production started, they would stream out weekly to dealers, so I see no reason to have one in May, 1 in June, and then none for 2-3 months. What am I overlooking here? Some people guessed it was that they wanted to get a limted number in people's hands to let them "work out the bugs", but if this was true it would be a marketing disaster from a confidence in product standpoint.
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I asked them about capacity and they said they had "plenty". From the conversations I had, the 2 per dealer plan was to insure that all dealers at least got that many. They also had no way of knowing or gauging what demand was going to be. The normal dealer ordering period, after the dealer meeting in the summer, will allow them to know what the demand is going to be. I am not sure there will not be any after the initial 2 units, just a slight delay. They may start the order process earlier than normal. From what I heard, there will be no shortage, artificial or real. These things don't have any bugs to work out from what I have seen.
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