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Will it fit

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in a full size pick up long bed? Good idea or bad. Would be handy if it would.
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Since the full sized one barely fit, this one should fit easily.
I think it might even fit in a short box truck with the gate down.
Yes, and yes,, oh and Yes. This will fit in both full size 8ft beds and 6ft beds and it is a good idea to haul in a truck. However I strongly encorage you to get a trailer.
Interesting that this came up, because I was just out in the driveway last night trying to figure that out. I'll need to take my retractable tonneau cover out of the truck, but I think it will fit in my short bed with the gate down. It'll have to ride up over the wheel wells a little, but I think I'll be good to go. I want to be able to haul the Ranger on the trailer and the RZR in the pick-up. My truck is a 2500 too, so that'll help some I figure.
No problem in a pick up but if it's a Ford, plan on having to reinforce the tailgate. The wheels setting on the tailgate will cave it in eventually. Never seen this with a Chevy or Dodge. Also make sure your ramps are secure or you end up with quite the yard sale.

One of the selling features of the rhino is it will fit in a p/u. With RZR being narrower and shorter no problem.[:)]
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